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For your Los Angeles property management needs, rely on Unified RES to know where you can cut costs, what you should not compromise, and how you can increase your bottom line.

The Unified RES Difference

Emergency after hours support and service 24/7.

Maximize value through efficient management and control of net operating income.

Control expenses by factoring in the long-term impact and not compromising on quality.

Capitalize on our 30-year experience in management and construction to eliminate unnecessary expenditures.

Leverage relationships with local vendors to obtain best quality and rates for repairs and maintenance.

Limited coverage area to Los Angeles - particularly West LA - in order to closely monitor each operation.

Manage all types of properties; from apartment buildings and entire condominiums to commercial buildings and retail centers.


Included Services

  • Billing and collection
  • Payment of all operating expenses
  • Preparation of financial statements and annual budgets
  • Contracting with service providers and contractors
  • Regular building visits
  • Supervision of building operation
    • Maintain cleanliness and appearance
    • Oversee mechanical and life safety equipment
    • Determine preventative maintenance program
    • Identify areas to enhance efficiency and eliminate waste
    • Provide recommendations for cost-saving programs and income-enhancing opportunities


Attentive & Professional

“I have been working with Unified RES for over 5 years and the communication has only gotten better with time. We had a painting project that took a long time, and Unified RES did a good job overseeing the work and quickly remedying any issues with the workers and foremen.

Kamran and his associates are always polite, respectful and willing to listen to problems. Every property has issues, and Unified RES always seem to come up with good ideas to solve issues, and we all work well together. Our quarterly meetings are helpful to me as a board member, and are run professionally. My assurance to those seeking Property Management: Unified RES is dependable, you can count on them.”

Marilyn Mandel

Proactive & Thorough

“Unified RES was already our property management company when I moved in. From day 1, the associates at Unified RES were very pleasant, helpful and made the transition a smooth one. Any and all building issues are dealt with quickly and effectively. Everything is also always explained thoroughly so that you are aware of what was done and why it was done.

Unified RES clearly puts in the extra time to give you all the available options/alternatives when it comes to resolving an issue. While the average property management company seems to mainly collect dues and fix issues once they have been reported, with Unified RES you get a lot more. At almost every meeting, Unified RES associates come up with a more modern method of having the building operate more effectively and efficiently while keeping costs in mind. They take more of a preventative cost saving approach verses a "reactive, fix the problem after the fact" approach which is more costly. This requires knowing the building you manage, which they have clearly taken the time to do.”

— F. Yassini

Cost Effective with Integrity

“Prior to hiring Unified RES a few years ago, we had a property management company that managed our building for years. We felt that the building was not being maintained in a cost effective way because our dues kept increasing without any major expenses being made. So we decided to change management companies and we signed with Unified RES in 2013. Since then, we have NOT had our dues increased at all. We even remodeled the inside lobby and painted the outside of the building and inside common areas, the dues never went up and our reserve account is in really good shape. Unified RES is Awesome!!!!!

Unified RES always maintains great communication with board members and looks at the most cost effective way to do a project. For example: We had used the same plumber for our building for many years. When we had a cracked pipe that needed to be fixed, we naturally asked our plumber for a bid. Unified RES thought the bid was too high, so they got additional bids from plumbing companies they've used personally in the past. The price we ended up paying was much lower and the quality of service we received was much better than our previous plumbing company.

Unified RES owners Bruce and Kamran have integrity and are great people to work with.”

— Michael Ferrari

Your space managed.

For your Los Angeles property management needs, rely on Unified RES to know where you can cut costs, what you should not compromise, and how you can increase your bottom line.