Attentive & Organized

“When we hired Unified RES to remodel our home, we were concerned about the same things probably everyone worries about when hiring a contractor: the work won't be finished until well beyond the promised deadline; the work will be shoddy; the work will be overpriced. Fortunately, Unified RES went above and beyond to deliver quality work, performed on time and at reasonable prices.

Kamran Nahid is a pleasure to work with. He saw to it that permits were issued in a timely fashion and visited the site daily to make sure everything was going according to plan. Unified RES also maintained meticulous records and helped make sure we stayed within our budget in choosing fixtures and appliances. There are many things to love about Unified RES but, at the end of the day, the best part was moving into a beautiful home.”

— Lisa Mansouri

Fast & Trustworthy with Superior Quality

"Well considering that I was leasing a location on Ventura Blvd and I got only 3 months of free rent, time was one of the most important factors for me. Also building a dental office requires a lot of extra knowledge and attention to city codes, as they can be very complicated and time consuming. Unified RES was the best thing that ever happened to this project. Kamran and his team are extremely organized, knowledgeable, very familiar with city procedures and always solved all the different problems that came up during construction in the most efficient manner. We demolished a store and had a fully functional Dental office in 5 months. All the businesses on Ventura Blvd, were telling us that our building was the fastest ever made. Please keep in mind that the office also looks amazingly beautiful, high quality construction and is a green certified business.

The fact that Kamran was always there for anything and everything that came up. He would present the challenges to me in the calmest way and would always be prepared with solutions and plan B's. It was extremely reassuring and minimized the stress level.

I would say, if you need somebody that you can trust like your family with your money, and if you are seeking superior quality in the shortest amount of time, go with Unified RES . I have done several projects with Kamran and I have always felt the same."

- Katayoon Shafagh

Communicative with Great Design Sensibilities

“Prior to hiring Unified RES, my biggest fear with our home remodel was exceeding time and budget expectations. Luckily, while there were naturally some unexpected issues that came up, Unified RESmade sure we remained on track and were able to finish the project within our time frame and budget. 

My favorite part of working with Unified RES was the time and patience they took to educate me on the process and advise me of the pros and cons of every decision. Unified RES made sure I was fully informed and aware of every step from demolition to final touches.

In addition to honesty and integrity in their work, they also have a great eye for design. I really feel like I got the full package with Unified RES. ”

— Siamak Vaziri

Property Management Clients

Cost Effective with Integrity

“Prior to hiring Unified RES a few years ago, we had a property management company that managed our building for years. We felt that the building was not being maintained in a cost effective way because our dues kept increasing without any major expenses being made. So we decided to change management companies and we signed with Unified RES in 2013. Since then, we have NOT had our dues increased at all. We even remodeled the inside lobby and painted the outside of the building and inside common areas, the dues never went up and our reserve account is in really good shape. Unified RES is Awesome!!!!!

Unified RES always maintains great communication with board members and looks at the most cost effective way to do a project. For example: We had used the same plumber for our building for many years. When we had a cracked pipe that needed to be fixed, we naturally asked our plumber for a bid. Unified RES thought the bid was too high, so they got additional bids from plumbing companies they've used personally in the past. The price we ended up paying was much lower and the quality of service we received was much better than our previous plumbing company.

Unified RES owners Bruce and Kamran have integrity and are great people to work with.”

— Michael Ferrari

Proactive & Thorough

“Unified RES was already our property management company when I moved in. From day 1, the associates at Unified RES were very pleasant, helpful and made the transition a smooth one. Any and all building issues are dealt with quickly and effectively. Everything is also always explained thoroughly so that you are aware of what was done and why it was done.

Unified RES clearly puts in the extra time to give you all the available options/alternatives when it comes to resolving an issue. While the average property management company seems to mainly collect dues and fix issues once they have been reported, with Unified RES you get a lot more. At almost every meeting, Unified RES associates come up with a more modern method of having the building operate more effectively and efficiently while keeping costs in mind. They take more of a preventative cost saving approach verses a "reactive, fix the problem after the fact" approach which is more costly. This requires knowing the building you manage, which they have clearly taken the time to do.”

— F. Yassini

Attentive & Professional

“I have been working with Unified RES for over 5 years and the communication has only gotten better with time. We had a painting project that took a long time, and Unified RES did a good job overseeing the work and quickly remedying any issues with the workers and foremen.

Kamran and his associates are always polite, respectful and willing to listen to problems. Every property has issues, and Unified RES always seem to come up with good ideas to solve issues, and we all work well together. Our quarterly meetings are helpful to me as a board member, and are run professionally. My assurance to those seeking Property Management: Unified RES is dependable, you can count on them.”

— Marilyn Mandel

Real Estate Investment Clients

Trust & Experience

"When it comes to investing with a company or a person, the first concern is trustworthiness. I was extremely lucky since I already knew Bruce and Kamran Nahid and therefore had confidence in Unified RES. The second concern I had was level of experience. Once I communicated my concern, Kamran shared Unified RES's past projects and wealth of experiences with me, and that persuaded me to go forward with my investment.

This was a completely hands off project for me which was great. Unified RES kept me informed about the project, the challenges and the progress. We had quarterly and annual reports. Also, we were invited to visit the project if we wanted to. Visiting the project was very inspiring for me with so many creative and innovative touches Kamran and his team brought to the project.

Once you get the project summary, you can ask Kamran for further information or you can approach him with your questions. He is always happy to sit down and explain the details to you. You can invest with Unified RES and expect to have great ROI; I am looking forward to investing again."

— Mason Shayan

Communicative & Responsive

“As with many investments, one common fear is that once you have made the investment, the company will be silent and unresponsive to your inquiries and concerns. From day one, Unified RES kept me appraised with appropriate quarterly updates and were timely and responsive to my questions. I found their process to be organized, efficient and ethical. I have invested with Unified RES before with great returns and will continue to do so. It is the perfect balance of personal and professional interactions where you know you are in capable as well as honest hands. ”

— Afshin Parhiscar

Developers with Integrity & Construction Experience

“My biggest fear was a cookie cutter approach and that was not the case with Unified RES. They had so many creative suggestions that truly impressed me. With their experience in the construction world, I knew Unified RES was the developer I wanted to invest in and they exceeded my expectations with their professionalism, depth of knowledge and creativity. Most importantly, Kamran and Bruce have true integrity which is a rare commodity these days. My advice to others considering investing with Unified RES: just go for it. I stand behind the decision and you will not regret it. Just don't forget my thank you card.”

— Sherry Ramineh

Admirably Reliable

Bruce and Kamran Nahid have performed admirably as borrowers and clients of California Bank & Trust, having used our construction funds to much success in Unified RES's residential development efforts. They build quality, saleable products and are respectful of the loan process. We look forward to an extended relationship with Bruce and Kamran, and with the entire Unified RES team.

Bruce and Kamran are thoughtful and diligent, and respectful of a lender's underwriting requirements. They don't get out ahead of themselves, and they understand that a lender needs certain things in order to provide the level of service to which they are accustomed. They are very easy and pleasant to work with.

Unified RES knows its stuff, and is a good bet in support of a solid loan transaction.

- Bill Brown, SVP California Bank & Trust

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